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President calls on public to obtain COVID vaccine

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has requested citizens to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine in the face of rising cases.

Issuing a special statement, the President pointed out that the Ministry of Health has issued health guidelines with regard to COVID-19, and requested the public to follow the health regulations properly, emphasizing that the spread of COVID-19 in the country should not be allowed again.

He further stated that 1,731 COVID-19 patients were reported in April, with 26 COVID-19 deaths. This situation decreased to 472 patients in May, with 13 deaths, and decreased further in June, with 283 patients and 3 deaths.

However, in July, President says that the number of COVID-19 patients has increased to 1,616 with 35 deaths, and 28 of these 35 deaths occurred after July 18th.

While 17 million were vaccinated in the first round, it was reduced to 14 million in the second round and in the third round it was reduced to 8 million people.

The President said that only 22,623 people have been vaccinated in the 4th round, adding that people should be redirected for proper vaccination, with emphasis on Western Province.

"There are currently 8 million vaccines in Sri Lanka. This stock can be used till October. Those 8 million vaccines cannot be completed after October, and therefore, a part of the stock has to be given to another country. The vaccine was brought for you. Therefore, I request all those who have not received the vaccine to obtain the vaccine as soon as possible," he said.

President has also mentioned that the Ministry of Health has given its attention to the "Monkeypox" epidemic, which has not arrived in Sri Lanka as of yet.

However, President said that the first step has been taken to prevent the disease from coming to Sri Lanka and plans are being made to provide treatment if necessary.

"We all should think of public health and act accordingly. I request all parties not to give another chance to the COVID-19 pandemic in this country," he added.

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