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Blacklisted fuel supplier continues to supply oil

The blacklisted “Dirty” fuel supplier Vitol is now cleared and re-instated by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) for the fourth time in a shameless deal by the higher-ups in CPC with or without the knowledge of Petroleum Resources Minister, official sources said.

The Cabinet of Ministers decided to award Vitol Asia Pte Ltd. the deal for diesel and petrol for the next eight months from 15 July 2019 till 14 March 2020, a statement said.

The Cabinet decided this week to award the contract of importing 1.04 million barrels of diesel and 1.28 million barrels of Jet A-1 with respect to a period of 8 months from 1st October 2019 to 31st May 2020 to M/s Mena Energy DMCC.

The contract is for the importation of 900,000 barrels of Petrol with respect to a period of 8 months to Sri Lanka in accordance with the recommendation of Special Standing Procurement Committee appointed by the cabinet.

Vitol delivered a shipment of 20,000 metric tons of substandard Fuel Oil in Aug 2009. This fuel which was imported by CPC for the use of Independent Power Plants caused machinery breakdown resulting in the closure of several power plants which lead to the level of a national crisis.

Vitol delivered the second batch of dirty fuel, this time it was 20,000 metric tons of diesel, in August 2011. Cars, Lorries, trains and over 1000 busses were brought to a halt at that time.

Vitol, who had been blacklisted twice and re-listed twice, supplied the third shipment of dirty fuel, this time, Low Sulphur Fuel Oil for the use of Kerawalapitiya Power Plant of Ceylon Electricity Board. Power generation came to a standstill as the Fuel was contaminated with water and used lubricating oil.

Even under these circumstances this dirty petrol supplier has bee entrusted with the task of supplying fuel to CPC for the fourth time.

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