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BMW that took a plunge in Thalawathugoda: Owner a Minister’s Brother-in-law?

The owner of the luxury BMW i8 which took a plunge in the Kimbula Ela opposite the Thalawathugoda Keells around 6.15 am yesterday is said to be owned by a Brother-in-law of Minister Kabir Hashim who also works as a member of the Minister’s personal staff according to social media posts going viral at the moment.

According to reports he had purchased the luxury car from BMW- Bavarian Motors Pvt Ltd located on Isipathana Mawatha, Colombo owned by an individual identified as Rishard Hameed.

Hameed is a known close business associate of the sons of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa while Former Minister Johnston Fernando and Yoshitha Rajapaksa are said to have invested in Hameed’s business.

The CID had also previously taken a statement from Hameed regarding Rugby player Wasim Tajudeen's assassination.

Hameed’s wife also became the talk of the town recently for importing a super luxury Lamborghini car to the country

2018 03 18 PHOTO 000000222018 03 18 PHOTO 00000023

Daham Sirisena’s connection?

However certain social media outlets had reported that the car was driven by son of President Maithripala Sirisena, Daham dwhen the accident occurred.

However, CCTV footage of the incident does not appear to show Daham Sirisena. While the car had also struck two other vehicles, an advisor to a top businessman in the country has agreed to pay damages to those two vehicles.

2018 03 18 PHOTO 00000024

2018 03 18 PHOTO 00000025

However, CCTV footage of the incident does not appear to show Daham Sirisena. While the car had also struck two other vehicles, an advisor to a top businessman in the country has agreed to pay damages to those two vehicles.

2018 03 18 PHOTO 00000016

2018 03 18 PHOTO 00000017

2018 03 18 PHOTO 00000018



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Conspiracy to topple government using Bond report - Intelligence services reveal!

A conspiracy to topple the consensus government using the report of the Presidential Bond commission has been revealed to the internal intelligence services.

As reported the step by step elaborate plan to bring an end to the government was launched from the time reports of the bond scam started coming in.

Ravi, the first victim

Accordingly, the first step of the conspiracy had been to create a rift between the two main parties of the consensus government, the Sri ravi karuna 720x340Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the United National Party (UNP). In order to create that rift, the conspirators had carried out a large-scale media campaign spreading the theory that former Minister of Finance, Ravi Karunanayake is responsible for the bond issue.

Media campaign against the PM

According to sources while the original target of the conspirators had been Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe initially they had decided to take down Ravi Karunanayake. The conspirators had assumed the PM would be the next Minister of Finance then going on to target him through a media propaganda campaign.

Pitting Ranil vs Maithri

Intelligence reports show that the conspirators had wanted to pit the PM against the President thereby causing a rift between them and distorting the Special statement made by the President regarding the Bond commission report was the last step of the plan hatched by them.

All written evidence in this regard has been obtained by us and isis.lk disclosure of the conspiracy follows :

Who advised to give an urgent special statement?

The report compiled by the Presidential Commission to investigate the bond issue in question was handed over to the President on December 30.

Afterwards, an announcement was made that the President would make a special statement regarding the report which was eventually then made on January 3. Following this statement, political parties and civil society activists created a social opinion that the bond commission report as well as 34 Interim Reports of the Presidential Commission to Investigate Fraud and Corruption should be tabled in parliament.

The Speaker then requested from the Secretary to the President to then present the reports to the parliament following requests made to the Speaker by political parties represented in the parliament.

Responding to the request, the Presidential Secretariat had informed that the relevant reports will be presented to the House on January 17. Accordingly, the reports were presented to the parliament by the Presidential Secretariat on Wednesday (17).

By this time media had already reported that the report containing the recommendations of the bond commission has been handed over to the Attorney General and the Central Bank. Meanwhile, Former Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake claimed that he too has received a copy of the report and that the report proves he had no connection to the Bond scam.

 Attempts to sabotage parliamentary sessions

However, after the announcement of the bond report containing the recommendations is to be presented to the parliament, intelligence services reported of attempts to sabotage the parliamentary sittings on the day and thereafter with the Speaker’s office also issuing a statement in this regard.

While the intelligence services revealed a conspiracy to topple the government using the bond report, it also revealed a connection between attempts to sabotage parliamentary sittings and the alleged plot to topple the government. As a result, the conspirators had wanted to prevent the reports being presented to the parliament.

The conspirators use the President's special statement

Investigating into the conspiracy to topple the government, intelligence services have revealed that the statement made by the President in this regard and the information in the bond report has serious disparities and contradictions. According to intelligence reports, serious distortions have taken place especially between the parts of the President’s statement regarding MP Ravi Karunanayake’s involvement and information regarding him in the commission report.

Who deliberately distorted the president's statement?

The comments made regarding Ravi Karunanayake on the English translation of the special statement made by the President is as follows:

"The report mentions the responsibility of Former Minister Ravi Karunanayake regarding the rent payments for a penthouse apartment by the Walt and Row company owned and controlled by the Aloysius family. The report states that a legal case should be filed against him under the Bribery Act as well as under the Penal Code for giving false statements to the Commission."

001However, the report presented to the parliament recommendations mentions the following :


 The non-distorted translation of the section in the commission report should be as follows.

 24] As stated earlier in chapter 24 we recommend that the commission to investigate allegations of bribery or corruption should consider whether Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP while he was Minister of Finance derived a substantial benefit from the lease payments made by Walt and Row Associates (Pvt) Ltd (Which is an associate company of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd. and which is owned and controlled by the same persons who own and control Perpetual Treasuries Ltd.) for the lease of apartment occupied by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake MP and his family, and if so determine whether appropriate action should be taken against Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP under the Bribery Act.

 25] As stated earlier in Chapter 24 we also recommend that the Hon. Attorney General and other appropriate authorities consider whether some of the evidence given by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake MP, before us is shown to have been incorrect and if that is the case whether Mr Karunanayake should be prosecuted under Section 179 and/or Section 188 of the Penal Code or other relevant provisions of the law read with Section 9 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act. No. 17 of 1948.

Who converted ‘recommendations’ to ‘court cases’?

According to intelligence reports in the statement made by the President the comments regarding the commission recommendations regarding Ravi Karunanayake have been distorted.

In fact, despite President’s statement saying the commission has recommended that action should be filed against Ravi Karunanayake regarding Walt and Row paying rent for the penthouse however, a commission report says something different, sources point out.

Accordingly, the commission has merely recommended that the Bribery commission should look into if the former Minister of Finance derived a substantial benefit from the lease payments made by Walt and Row Associates (Pvt) Ltd for the lease of the apartment occupied by the Minister and his family. It also mentions that the commission then should determine whether appropriate action should be taken against Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP under the Bribery Act.

Intelligence reports state that the President's speech made in Sinhala has been intentionally distorted and there can be no possibility of such a mistake to be made in the translation of a President's statement.

Serious disparities between President’s English and Sinhala speech manuscripts

Meanwhile, intelligence services have revealed that the President’s English and Sinhala speech manuscripts have serious discrepancies as well.

Especially the Sinhala and English translations of the special statement made by the President put up on the Presidential Secretariat website have shown inconsistencies in the text intelligence services have pointed out adding that distortions here appear in comments made regarding Ravi Karunanayake in particular as well.



Accordingly, the Sinhala translation correctly states that rent paid by Walt and Row Company owned by Aloysius and his family for a penthouse apartment, however, the English translation says the penthouse apartment is owned by the Aloysius family and Walt & Row Company.

 The translation has caused serious embarrassment to the President as the commission report clearly states the apartment is owned by Anika Wijesuriya.

 The reputation of the President at risk

 According to intelligence information revealed, the conspirators of the plan to topple the government had intended to discredit the commission report to achieve their target.

They say if not, distortions between a statement made by the Head of State which is of diplomatic value and the Bond commission report recommendations could not have occurred.

As shown by intelligence services even after the bond commission was issued the President’s statement was used to blame Ravi for the scam despite the commission report invalidating those claims.

Intelligence also claims that there is no evidence in the report to suggest that Ravi Karunanayake or the Ministry of Finance had made direct orders to the Central Bank or three state banks in this regard.

 Aspersions cast against the President

However, as a result, a rift seems to have developed between the President and the PM as well as the SLFP and the UNP based on the report and the distorted statement of the President.

Legal experts claimed they were shocked to find the President giving a statement on the Commission report, which had over 1000 pages of content, in a mere 3 days after receiving it.

They also said that risking the reputation of a state leader in this manner is, in fact, harmful to his character.

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Kiriella’s stooge gets into trouble: Chairman of Maga Neguma caught working as UNP election campaign head

Reports claim that the Chairman of Maga Neguma, affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways, Rajiv Seneviratne has acted as a political activist while engaged in public service during the last provincial council election.

This is because he is said to have served as the UNP election campaign office head while working as the Chairman of the Maga Neguma.

Regulations grossly violated

Working as the Chairman of the Maga Neguma while also acting as the head of the UNP election campaign office, abuse of state property during LG polls and violation of the establishment's code and financial regulations are serious offences and election monitors CaFFE has now lodged a complaint with the Election commission in this regard.

According to the complaint lodged by CaFFE Seneviratne had even exchanged communiques with the Election commission, election monitors and other organizations while functioning in both roles.

Evidence presented by CaFFE

CaFFE has made note of this in their complaint while bringing in to focus how Seneviratne had even signed official documents relating to the election which has now been presented as evidence.

Maga Neguma Chairman mentioned in the website 001

The first thing CaFFE alleges is that it is Rajiv Seneviratne who is the Chairman of the Maga Neguma which is affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways and has been named in its official website as the Chairman. http://maganeguma.lk/about-us/.

The other thing brought in to the focus is that during the local government election, Rajiv Seneviratne had received salaries and allowances from the Consolidated fund of government while serving as the head of the election monitoring office to promote the UNP without due approval.

According to CaFFE Seneviratne has sent letters as the UNP election campaign office head to the Election commission, election monitors, Police and other department while working as a government employee to promote a election party violates Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) states that not only orders or measures issued by the Election Commission but also the provisions of the Establishments Code and the financial regulations of the government have been violated.

Evidence of misuse of public property



Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) has complained to the Election Commission that dozens of letters have been sent to the Election Commission during the last election is evidence that public assets, state employees and human resources are a living evidence misuse of state property to promote a party.

CaFFe also mentioned that if Rajiv Seneviratne has committed such acts can be verified through a proper investigation on whether the taxpayers funds were used for the election campaigns, vehicles, vehicles and other materials.

The highest number of complaints during the Rajapaksa regime

While pointing out that it was Seneviratne had made the most complaints of state property being misused during the Rajapaksa regime, CaFFE expressed their shock as to how him committing the same acts while dealing with the election commission was kept a secret. As a result, CaFFE has requested an inquiry be carried out in this regard.

A personal grudge: UNP

When asked by isis.lk, a spokesman for the UNP said the Executive director of CaFFE, Keerthi Tennakoon is acting on a personal grudge against the party as he was reported by them to the commission for acting in a partial manner during the recent elections.

The spokesman also said he is unaware if Seneviratne was acting as the Chairman of Maga Neguma during the LG polls but if he had resigned then he had not committed any wrong. He also said this has to be looked at prior to accusing him of any wrong.

Prove these accusations: UNP

When pointed out that he has been mentioned as the Chairman of Maga Neguma in the official website the spokesman said there are issues in updating government websites adding that there should be evidence to prove that he acted in both roles during the recent polls.

He said if evidence is presented the party will support any action against him and Minister in charge of the Ministry at the time, Lakshman Kiriella should apologise to the country.

Legal background

The constitution explains state employees violating election laws as mentioned below :


003The gazette notification issued by the Election Commission in that regard



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Attempt to pit Mangala against the President and PM?

Chief strategist of the flower bud party, former Minister Basil Rajapaksa has instructed his media network to launch a mass media campaign this week targeting Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera.

Basil Rajapaksa has advised his media network to rile Buddhist monks and ‘national forces’ and get statements from them with regard to the recent amendments made on liquor by the Ministry of Finance and Media. He has instructed them to use these monks and ‘national forces’ to put pressure on the government to revoke the gazette notification on liquor and thereby create a rift between the President and the Minister of Finance.

At the same time, Basil Rajapaksa has informed his media network to create a rift between Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Minister Mangala Samaraweera. Basil has instructed his team to concoct stories that suggest Minister Samaraweera would move to become the next Prime Minister by taking advantage of a possible no-confidence motion brought by the Joint Opposition against the Premier Wickremesinghe.

Namal’s network gets involved!

Several former members of the ‘Tharunyata Hetak’ organization that operated under Namal Rajapaksa in the past have also been used by news 31 Namal Rajap 687835aBasil Rajapaksa for this media campaign.

It is reported that some of these members are now heads of government media institutions providing an undue advantage to Basil Rajapaksa’s campaign.

The most efficient and effective social media operation in the current political landscape is run by Basil Rajapaksa. He has also managed to get the support of a group of social media activists that operated against the Rajapaksas’ during the last presidential and general elections.

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SLFP divided over proposal for a unitary UNP govt; Here are the two sides

The SLFP led coalition in the unity government have been split into two camps following the proposal by the UNP to form a unitary government led by the latter.

Although the UNP as a party had decided to form a unitary government by last evening (13), discussions between the President and the diplomatic community has led to the appointment of a special committee to decide the future course of action of the government after considering the prevailing political situation.

It was also decided that the country should remain stable until the committee arrives at a decision.

 UNP will accept Members coming from the SLFP

However, at the Cabinet meeting that was held today, the current political climate had reinforced the need to form a unitary UNP government and as such, the UNP had conveyed its inclination to accept Ministers from the SLFP led alliance who were willing to join them.

According to reliable sources, after the Cabinet meeting today (14), a special meeting was held between the Ministers of the SLFP led Freedom at the Presidential Secretariat.

Let’s go to reaffirm the January 8 mandate - SLFP strongmen

At that meeting, a group had proposed that they work to reaffirm the mandate that was given to the government on January 8, which also included the UNP.

This group included Ministers Nimal Siripala de Silva, Mahinda Amaraweera, Duminda Dissanayake, Sarath Amunugama, Mahinda Samarasinghe, Vijith Vijithamuni Soysa and Faizer Mustapha.

 Thilanga propositions flower bud when Susil says NO

The group had pointed out that it is imperative for them to support the UNP government on the basis of the mandate that was given by 6.2 million Sri Lankans and that it would also provide them with an opportunity to protect the President politically.

They vehemently opposed the notion of joining the Rajapaksa camp as both the SLFP and the UPFA will be at serious peril if such a situation were to occur.

However, a group including Minister Susil Premajayantha had protested against this suggestion stating that that they could not support the UNP on any ground. They also pointed out that it is against party principles and that it’s more important to remain in Parliament.

In this backdrop, Deputy Speaker Thilanga Sumathipala has stated that instead of working under a unitary UNP government or the current unity government, they could set up their own government by forming an alliance with the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP). A proposal to this effect was forwarded by the SLPP and as such, there is a real possibility of displaying the majority of 113 parliamentarians without any problems.

President's position

However, a majority of the SLFP led alliance had not agreed to the proposal, and posited that it was more dignified to work independently in Parliament than to go back to the Mahinda faction. They pointed out that it is important for the party to obtain the role of the Leader of the Opposition, thereby acting as the real opposition in Parliament.

The President who listened intently to both sides had informed the group that anyone was free to join the UNP and the rest were welcome to act independently in Parliament.

Accordingly, around 10 MPs of the SLFP have agreed to join a UNP government while the remaining 32 MPs are expected to act independently and vie for the Leader of the Opposition.

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UNP upset over President's alleged ‘behaviour’

The UNP leaders are said to be upset over the manner the President is conducting himself these days sources from ‘Sirikotha’ claim.

According to sources party stalwarts have complained to Premier Ranil Wickramasinghe that the President is not acting as the leader of a coalition government but acting according to the private agenda.

The UNP Ministers and MP’s have said the statement made by the President regarding the bond commission report without presenting a copy of it to the PM as a political move aimed at the upcoming local government polls. They are also said to have voiced their concerns regarding the Presidents enquiry from the Supreme Court if he can continue as the President till 2021. These doubts were expressed as the President had not informed the UNP party leadership of sending in such a letter to the courts.

 President and PM distant?

As the relationship between the UNP and SLFP has become distant party members are now levelling accusations against each other during election propaganda meetings creating a further rift between the two.

However the PM is said to still have full confidence in the President and the SLFP Ministers sources say. With the UNP ensuring the President’s win he is said to believe that Sirisena will not break the trust placed on him and the party.

 sri lanka2“The President and I, are committed to creating a new political culture"

 Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who made a special statement yesterday (10) in parliament, reiterated that the president is still committed to creating a new political culture in the country.

 "As I always reiterate that, the President and myself are committed to creating a new political culture” he said.

Further the PM said that this is a new experience to many and therefore mistakes should be rectified and move forward

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CID's comedic act and Sirasa's media ethics (Video)

As the country was celebrating its 70th Independence, the live telecast of the arrest of the owner of Perpetual Treasuries Arjun Aloysius and the company’s CEO Kasun Palisena by Sirasa once again has brought in to question the television channels media ethics while also damaging the good name of the Criminal Investigations Department.

As the arrests were being made after a ‘b’ report was presented to the Fort magistrate on Friday by the OIC of the Financial Fraud Division within the CID it has been pointed out that the CID officers had forgotten on important legal principle.

That is, the suspects, Lakshman Arjuna Mahendran, Arjun Joseph Aloysius and Kasun Oshadhi Palisena are in fact merely suspects.

The documents presented by the CID to courts itself says “We plead before the courts that these men are to be considered as suspects”.

But watching the situation that unfolded the question arises if were two out of the three arrested today arrested after being considered as suspects? Or as convicts?

Not notified to hand themselves over

Does the CID not know of the simple legal principle that after being presented to the Fort magistrate the duo is being remanded as mere suspects and not convicts? ?

Despite being granted permission to make the arrests however the CID had at no time informed the suspects to hand themselves over. Instead, while they go on to surround the residences of the suspects a comedy act is acted out before a Sirasa media crew armed with cameras.

While the former governor of the Central Bank Arjuna Mahendran is known to be abroad during the presentation of the ‘b’ report by the CID, Alysious and Palisena were in open society within the country at the time.

It is true that on the information presented to the courts the duo is suspected of committing an offence or offences against public property which allows the CID to arrest them sans a warrant due to the crime falling under cognizable offences.

Proper respect and dignity?

But even such an arrest should be done while ensuring every suspect's respect and dignity.

Despite various media reports in the last few weeks predicting their impending arrests prior to February 7 and of the ‘b’ report submitted on Friday these two suspects had not attempted to flee the country at any time. Therefore it is clear would have in fact handed themselves over if they were notified to do so.

But the CID had failed to do so. That is why we are now forced to claim that the script of this comedic act is in fact very weak.

The CID, in fact, has no right to arrest even the most dastardly criminal in the manner of shooting a teledrama as was done during these arrests.

How did Sirasa find out?

The incident also brings into question as to how Sirasa was prior notified of an arrest which was unknown to even Arjun Aloysius.

While some may put it down to their talent however their media ethics has left much to be desired.

Do they have a personal grudge against the arrested men? This charade is in fact yet another display of irresponsible behaviour of this leading TV channel that operates with a broadcasting license in a country full of taxpayers.

One of the fundamental principles of criminal law is that “A suspect is not considered to be a criminal until the end of the court procedure and a verdict is given”

A legal principle known to even school children is called the ‘presumption of innocence’ where a person is considered as being innocent until proven guilty.

This is considered as one of the roots of the rule of law, which has been seen throughout the world for many centuries ‘The rule of law’ which President Maithripala Sirisena continues to evoke on election stages is, in fact, the base of ‘good governance’.

A push for the President’s Independence speech?

Speaking close to the time of these arrests at the 70th Independence Day celebrations President Sirisena said: "Today's patriotism means dealing acting with financial discipline".

Therefore it is questionable if the CID conducted this charade during the arrests connected to what is considered as one of the largest financial frauds in the country to please the President or another powerful politician.

In the past incidents of ‘Kondaya’ and the rapist of Giribawa we have seen the ugly scenes how civilians are dragged away as suspects by the Police. These were also accompanied with cheap media circuses in a similar manner.

But the investigations in to this serious financial fraud was conducted by one of highest authorities of the Police the CID and not the village Police.

While we have commended the behaviours of these officers in instances such as the Vidya sexual assault case however this incident has tarnished the name of the department which is unfortunate.

In the past incidents of ‘Kondaya’ and the rapist of Giribawa we have seen the ugly scenes how civilians are dragged away as suspects by the Police. These were also accompanied with cheap media circuses in a similar manner.

But the investigations in to this serious financial fraud was conducted by one of highest authorities of the Police the CID and not the village Police.

While we have commended the behaviours of these officers in instances such as the Vidya sexual assault case however this incident has tarnished the name of the department which is unfortunate.

Fundamental Rights of the suspects violated :

 They have clearly violated the fundamental rights of these suspects and provided evidence of this live to the country as well due to the live telecast by a television channel.

However the end result is that the CID will be put in a difficult situation. If the CID’s real intent is to ensure justice then they should first stop attemtping to please politicians while not supporting media circuses as seen today.

Source : (lankanewsweb.net)

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Demanded by Party leaders, withheld by President Maithri; inside scoop on 34 PRECIFAC reports

The final report compiled the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate and Inquire into serious acts of Fraud, Corruption and Abuse of Power, State Resources and Privileges (PRECIFAC) during the Rajapaksa regime handed over the report containing 34 cases to President Maithripala Sirisena. However, only 5 of those cases have been referred to the Attorney General’s Department for further legal action.

Why aren't these cases forwarded to the Attorney General?

Civil Society activists have admonished the President for withholding these cases from being put forward to the AG’s Department for necessary legal action. They have pointed out that the President is in violation of ‘good governance’ principles by protecting the culprits named in the PRECIFAC report. They have called for the President to take immediate action to implement the recommendations put forward in the report.

The public's right to information

Civil society activists said that the relevant reports must be tabled in Parliament and made accessible to the general public as they have a right to receive information pertaining to the PRECIFAC report’s findings. The public’s belief in ‘good governance’ will only diminish in the absence of such an event, the activists said.

The Rajapaksa method

They further reiterated that the manipulation of politicians by withholding their nefarious and corrupt activities was the Rajapaksa method and that the forces behind the January 8 revolution was assembled to break away from such traditions.

According to the information received, only 5 cases have been referred to the Attorney General’s Department and they are listed below.

1. Inquiry into the Fisheries and Harbour Cooperation's Negombo Lagoon development project. Former Deputy Minister Sarath Kumara and 6 others are being investigated.

2. Inquiry into the Illegal activities perpetrated by authorities of the Mihiyangana Pradeshiya Sabha with regard to the lease of properties. Former Provincial Council Minister Anura Widanagamage among others have been noticed.

3. Inquiry into the corrupt activities of the General Manager of the Independent Television Network (ITN). Former Chairman of the ITN H. Anura Siriwardena and 5 others are being investigated.

4. Inquiry into the corrupt activities carried out at the Rakna Arakshaka Lanka LTD. Former director of Rakna Lanka Major General K.B. Egodawela is being investigated.

5. Inquiry into the financial corruption and fraud committed at the Chilaw Plantation LTD. Former Minister Jagath Pushpakumara and 9 others are among the noticed parties.

 Inquiries into 29 reports abruptly stopped

Apart from the 5 investigations mentioned before, the President is in possession of 29 other cases. It is reported that most of the respondents named in the 29 commission reports are loyalists from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA).

Details of the commission reports and noticed parties are listed below.

6. Inquiry into the illegal procurement of explosives at the Ministry of Defence. Former Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Damayanthi Jayarathna and 6 others have been included as noticed parties.

7. Inquiry into to the fraudulent and corrupt practices of the Former Chairman of the Ampara Urban Council and 6 others pertaining to the 'Dayata Kirula' exhibition held in Ampara.

8. Inquiry into the fraudulent and corrupt activities at the Hector Kobbekaduwa Agricultural Research and Training Institute. Former Minister Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena and 4 others are being investigated.

9. Corrupt activities at the Sri Lankan Airline's Catering division. Former Minister Priyankara Jayarathna and 4 others are being investigated.

10. Corrupt activities at Sri Lankan Airlines. Former Chairman of the Shipping Corporation Sanjaya Senerath and 4 others are being investigated.

11. Inquiry into the misappropriation of money, excessive recruitment, over-limit issue of fuel to the Private Secretary and other benefits given to various media personnel by the Former Chief Minister of the North Central Province, S.M. Ranjith.

12. Inquiry into the fraudulent activities at the Coconut Research Institute at Lunuwila. H.A. Jayanatha Gunethileka and 3 others are being further investigated.

13. Inquiry into the tender irregularity with regard to the procurement of water filters by the North-Central Provincial Council. H.A. Upul Susantha Wickramarathna and 14 others are being further investigated.

14. Inquiry into the opening of the Hamabanthota Harbour. Former Chairman of the Sri Lanka Port Authority, Priyath Bandu Wickramunige and 8 others are being investigated.

15. Inquiry on irregularities in awarding and pricing of road projects by the Road Development Authority (RDA). Former RDA Director R.M. Gamini and 5 others are being investigated.

16. Inquiry into the misuse of Sri Lanka Air force helicopters by Former Minister Basil Rajapaksa.

17. Inquiry into the misuse of properties belonging to the Nawalapitiya Railways Department. Former Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage and 4 others are being investigated.

18. Inquiry into the the purchase of Krisol soap for antiseptic use in hospitals without adhering to any tender procedure by the State Pharmaceutical Corporation resulting in loss of millions. Prof. Shanthilala Devapriya and 5 others are being investigated.

19. Inquiry into the corrupt activities of Bank of Ceylon. M.K.D. Bandusena and 6 others are being investigated.

20. Inquiry into the misuse of state assets of the National Housing Development Authority by former Minister Wimal Weerawansa.

21. Inquiry into the misuse of state funds allocated for development projects in Kandy. The funds were diverted for campaigning activities of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Former Chairman of the Upcountry Development Authority Amarananda Weerasinghe is being investigated.

22. Inquiry into the fraudulent activities at the Paranathan Chemical Co. Ltd., committed by its former Chairman, D.J. U. Purasinghe.

23. Inquiry into the fraudulent activities carried out at the Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau in Digana. Gamini Kithsiri Amarawardena and 7 others are being investigated.

24. Inquiry into the fraudulent activities of former Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Authority, Rumee Marshook.

25. Inquiry into the fraudulent activities that have taken place at the Institute of Post- Harvest Technology. Chairman Jagath Jayawardena has been named as the respondent.

26. Inquiry into the fraudulent activities of Lanka Sathosa. Deputy General Manager of Sathosa, Asiri Fernando has been named as the respondent.

27. Inquiry into the fraudulent activities at the National Transport Commission. NTC officials Sherine Atukorale, Aloka Karunarathna and Beville Wanniarachi re being investigated.

28. Inquiry into the fraudulent and corrupt activities perpetrated by the former Chairman of the National Youth Council Piyum Perera.

29. Inquiry into the fraudulent activities of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation. Wimalasena Rubasinghe and 6 others are being investigated.

30. Inquiry into the fraudulent activities of Dr. Shiranthi Samarasinghe, Director of Health Services of Central Province.

31. Inquiry into the corrupt activities of the Ministry of Disaster Management. Former Secretary to the Ministry, S.M. Mohamed was named as the respondent.

32. Inquiry into the fraudulent activities committed by the Department of Archeology in the Eastern Province. D.M. Senarath Bandara and 6 others are being investigated.

33. Inquiry into the misuse of state resources and public funds of the Kankesanthurai Cement factory and the Ambilipitiya Paper Corporation. Former Secretary of the the Ministry of Enterprise Development Willie Gamage and Dishan Gunsena have been named as respondents.

34. Inquiry into the illegal activities and corrupt administration of Dr. Amal Harsha de Silva, Director of the Drug Regulatory Authority. Dr. Kulasiri Bandara Jayasinghe and 12 others are also being investigated.

 PRECIFAC reports


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Government institutions made Rs. 25 billion profit due to bond issue: Here’s the proof - Controversial statement from Aloysius

Despite claims that the controversial bond issue incurred serious losses to the government, Attorneys appearing for Arjun Aloysius claim that his client is in possession of proof to render all these claims as false.

Ready to reveal the truth

His lawyers made these claims when contacted by isis.lk to elicit a response regarding the revelations on social media that Arjun Aloysius is scheduled to make a special announcement regarding the controversial bond issue.

Lots of underhand work afoot

Further expressing their views, they said that while various claims regarding the bond issue are made on political stages, their client had wished to remain silent. According to them, however, he has now decided to reveal the truth into the bond issue locally and internationally as there is an attempt to eliminate all businesses of their client’s which is an unexpected situation for a businessman.

A profit of USD 170 Million

They say his client has made the clear calculations regarding the bond transactions and accordingly he now has proof that government’s financial entities involved in the transaction had received a profit of more than Rs. 25 Billion (USD 170 Million).

Speaking further, they pointed out that they also have reports of profit incurred by the three state institutions which got involved in the bond transaction through their client.

Profit of the 3 government institutions

Accordingly, the Employee’s Provident Fund has made Rs. 22.5 Billion, the National Insurance Corporation has made Rs. 2.9 Billion and the National Savings Bank has made Rs. 1.2 Billion, they said.

They also point out that at various times the investigations have mentioned that the government incurred losses due to the transaction but in reality, these are in fact ‘Hypothetical losses’.

Issue has been politicized without knowing the true facts

They also mention that losses are not incurred by purchasing these bonds using government funds in the secondary market but also get the opportunity to trade these and earn profits.

While pointing out that it is a continuous cycle, they say it is unfortunate that the public with no knowledge regarding the functions of bond issues, primary dealers and secondary markets are being misled by politicizing this issue.



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NLB marketers attempt to flee leaving chaos in his wake

Appointed to the post without the required educational qualifications needed for such a position, the Chief Marketing Officer of the National Lotteries Board (NLB) Asantha Kalyananda is said to have created serious issues within the institution.

Marketer with an Agriculture Degree

Working on contract basis for the organization, however, sources say the Chief Marketing officer has a degree in Agriculture while not having any qualification regarding marketing and sales.

While providing the organization with a below par service, however, sources say he has managed to fill his coffers through the organization.

 Daylight robbery! - Govisetha seven days a week

According to sources Asantha is said to have prepared for the Govisetha lottery ticket to be drawn all seven days of the week while promoting it through a company called ‘Media Max’. He is accused of working to fill his coffers as according to reliable inside information, as he is set to join Media Max as an employee in January. Therefore despite Asantha remaining or leaving NLB, he is either way set to benefit from the deal.

Year end special lottery draw fraud

The Govisetha lottery being used for the 2017 year end special draw also goes on to prove the plans of Asantha. Despite the NLB usually using the lottery with the most sales for the special draw the ‘Mahajana Sampatha’ which sees the sale of around 2.7 million lottery sales according to NLB stats in 2017 the NLB used the ‘Govisetha’ lottery for the year end draw which only saw the sale of 700,000 ticket sales.

As a result the NLB was not able to gin the expected profit with many prizes for the draw were won by ticket purchasers.

Giving reason for this change Asantha is said to have told the organization that ‘Govisetha’ was chosen as from January 1, 2018 the lottery will be drawn on a daily basis adding that more people can be attracted to buy these tickets from such as move as the grand prize now stands at Rs. 60 Million. The grand prize which was earlier Rs. 40 Million has been increased without any consideration for sales stats sources say.

The genius of an Agriculture graduate

While handling a sales department with an education in agriculture can bring these dismal results, it is further evident through the difference of the sales figures of the year end grand draw.

Though done under the guise of marketing and sales on observation it is clear Asantha is conducting a different game altogether. With a lottery being drawn every day its promotional campaign costs rise as well in return the payment to the Promotional organization rise as well. Therefore employees such as Asantha are being sustained and filling up their coffers through underhand dealings with such Promotional companies.

While the NLB is to commence a special investigation in to the matter, Asantha is attempting to now flee the organization prior to the commencement of this.

Sources say he is therefore set to leave NLB in January 2018, after making neccesary arrangements for Media MAx to gain through the daily ‘Govisetha’ draws.

Deals with suspects of FCID investigations

Mad Max, once called Origin OEB has been given major promotional deals by Asantha. The company called Origin OEB during the Rajapaksa era was renamed after the Yahapalana government came in to power.

The Outdoor Advertising monopoly during the Rajapaksa era was given to Shamantha is now working with Media Max in a building owned by him.

It is questionable how people like Shamantha, a suspect of the FCID investigations in to the Digital Wall issue was being given projects and payments by the NLB.

Meanwhile sources also accuse Asantha of now creating an unwanted competition between two lotteries of the NLB through his actions.


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Speakers doubles game revealed - Blocks Ravi K’s privileges statement - Here is Ravi’s censored special statement

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya is said to have blocked the special statement which was to be issued by former Minister of Finance and Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake regarding his breach of privileges without giving him any prior notice.

UNP in turmoil

The UNP is said to be in turmoil now following the actions of the Speaker while the Ravi Karunanayake party said the speaker blocked the speech despite having been informed according to the proper parliamentary procedure that the MP will make a statement today (24) about the breach of his privileges.

Speakers actions suspicious

One young MP of the UNP speaking to isis.lk said the actions of the speaker have raised doubts and suspicions as he could have informed Karunanayake yesterday if the speech cannot be allowed during today's session.

According to the MP addressing the parliament yesterday, the speaker said the President’s office has assured the copies of the bond commission report have only been given to the President’s office, parliament, attorney general's department and the Central Bank. Therefore the speaker not questioning Karunanayake's claim that he obtained a copy from the President’s office itself raises suspicions.

Ravi purposely put in danger

Meanwhile, with reports that there are attempts to arrest the former Minister being circulated, the MP said by blocking Karunanayake's speech it appears that the speaker has indirectly helped the efforts to put parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake in danger.

An invisible hand behind Speaker’s act of censorship?

The MP further speaking to us anonymously questioned if an invisible hand behind the act of censorship by the speaker given the current political scenario.

While an internal discussion between UNP leaders has now commenced, the MP said a decision will be taken regarding this situation after the conclusion of the talks.

When questioned regarding the blocking of the speech which was to be made by the MP regarding the breach of his privileges, Ravi Karunanayake declined to comment saying the speech which was to be made in parliament will be given to all media outlets instead while providing a copy to isis.lk.

following is the full text of MP Ravi Karunanayake’s speech regarding the breach of his privileges which was expected to made in parliament today.

Honorable Speaker,

First and foremost I, Colombo District Member of Parliament, Ravi Karunanayake would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to present my statement regarding the breach of my parliamentary privileges before the house.

On January 8, 2015 2015 a dream resonated within our hearts. That is, the establishment of consensus and good governance while also establishing democracy, reconciliation that was once lost while bringing about economic and social development in the country. To achieve these targets on January 8, 2015 we were able to elect a new President and a government following which in the same year we established a consensus government.

However unfortunately in a matter of three years this dream appears to be slipping away from us due to misleading and narrow political objectives.

But today I am making this speech as a person who not only strongly believes in but also stands for consensus and good governance while hoping to fight till the very end to make this dream a reality.

My expectation is not to attack anyone

There is perhaps no other political figure whose character was more assassinated and insulted than me due to the controversial bond issue. Therefore I have a right to prove my innocence in this regard. But I have no intention of attacking anyone through this statement. Instead I take this opportunity to prove my truthfulness regarding the allegations leveled against me.

Despite the criticisms levelled against me, I have the strength to face them. It's the strength of the truth. The strength of fairness and justice.

Perhaps this is the first time in the history of parliament a complaint is being made such as this regarding a breach of privileges.

As a person who always stood for and fought for good governance, I have become a ghastly and planned political target of these chain of events.

At this time I recall a proverb in local folklore. "වැටත් නියරත් ගොයම් කානම් කාට පවසන් ඒ අමාරුව ? "

Was awaiting the report

Honorable Speaker,

From the time my name was dragged in to the activities of this commission, I have been impatiently awaiting the release of the report.

The Presidential commission to investigate in to the questionable issuance of treasury bonds was appointment by the his excellency the President on January 27, 2017. Following this appointment the investigations were conducted for around 10 months after which the compiled report was presented to the President on December 30, 2017.

  • The commission report which consisting of thousands of pages was then hurriedly summarised in a mere three days during the new year by a committee comprising of senior officers who in return handed this over to the President.
  • Based on this report summary on January 3, 2018 the President made a special statement through media outlets. My statement today is mainly focused and based on this statement made by him.

President’s Statement

  • The statement made says the following :
  • "The report mentions the responsibility of Former Minister Ravi Karunanayake regarding the rent payments for a penthouse apartment by the Walt and Row company owned and controlled by the Aloysius family. The report states that a legal case should be filed against him under the Bribery Act as well as under the Penal Code for giving false statements to the Commission."

This says a case should be filed against me.

However in the report thereafter handed over to us only says that relevant authorities should look into if there is any wrongdoing and if such wrongdoing is discovered then appropriate action should be taken in this regard.

This is indeed a bizarre situation. It is as if during a game of cricket the batsman lets a wide delivery be, only to be declared as dismissed by the Umpire.

Please allow me to explain.

Going through this report it is clear that the media campaign launched against me by connecting me to the controversial bond issue is in fact a planned conspiracy.

Certain politicians and media outlets carried out major propaganda campaigns claiming that as the Former Minister of Finance, I advised state banks regarding treasury bond transactions thereby making the government incur serious losses in revenue.

The commision says a different story

        However the commission says a completely different story.

I would like to bring your attention to Page 838 of the report. It says the following :

We have earlier, concluded that, in view of the undesirably high Yield Rates which then prevailed, it was reasonable and justifiable for Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, the then Minister of Finance, to wish to bring these Yield Rates down at these Treasury Bond Auctions. We have also taken the view that, since successive Governments have been known to use the state-owned People’s Bank, National Savings Bank and Bank of Ceylon to implement some policy measures and it is not per se irregular for a Government to do so, we cannot find fault with Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, the then Minister of Finance for convening these meetings and giving the aforesaid instructions to the three State Banks.

Through this the commission accepts that as Finance Minister it was just and legal of me to reduce these rates.

“It was reasonable and justifiable for Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, the then Minister of Finance, to wish to bring these Yield Rates down at these Treasury Bond Auctions”

The commission further accepts that the previous governments have also taken similar action according to their policies while confirming that I am not in the wrong in this regard.

“To implement some policy measures and it is not per se irregular for a Government to do so, we cannot find fault with Hon. Ravi Karunanayake”

Meanwhile an extensive propaganda was carried out claiming that I instructed the Central Bank. However, the commission has now rejected all these statements.

I would like to once against bring page 838 of the report to your attention. It says :

“However, we have also earlier concluded that, there is no evidence before us which suggests that, Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP or the Ministry of Finance advised the CBSL that the aforesaid instruction had been given to the three State Banks”

According to the report the commission has accepted that there is no evidence to say my Ministry nor I had instructed the Central Bank in these transactions.

Honorable Speaker,

The commission in its report more importantly accepts that the Central Bank or the Treasury bond issue was not under my control or influence at the time.

 Lawyers Conclusions

My learned lawyers have informed me of the following conclusions they have arrived at after going through the commission report.

  1. The commission has confirmed that I have no connection to Perpetual treasuries or another party receiving a profit from the purchase and sale of treasury bonds.
  2. The commission does not report of evidence regarding any wrongdoing and/or illegal on my part with regards to the sale of bonds by the Central Bank and/or the purchase of these bonds by a primary dealer.

 Commission Recommendations

 Honourable Speaker,

I will now focus on the recommendations in the commission report.

Chapter 33 of the report focuses on the recommendations. Pages 921 - 922 holds 30 recommendations. I have been mentioned in recommendations number 24 and 25 on page 920 and 921.

              Please look at recommendations number 24 on pages 920 - 921 in the report before you.

              “As stated earlier in Chapter 24, we recommend that, the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption should consider whether Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, while he was Minister of Finance, derived a substantial benefit from the Lease Payments made by Walt and Row Associates (Pvt) Ltd [which is an Associate Company of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd and which is owned and controlled by the same persons who own and control Perpetual Treasuries Ltd] for the lease of apartment occupied by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP and his family and, if so, determine whether appropriate action should be taken against Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, under the Bribery Act;

 We recommend that you decide on the steps to be taken

 Here it says “Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption should consider Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, while he was Minister of Finance, derived a substantial benefit and if so, determine whether appropriate action should be taken”. It does not say to file a case against me.

Therefore this conspiracy is now clear to all of you. Where does it say that a case should be filed against me for bribery and fraud? These are planned political conspiracies. In fact they are reprehensible conspiracies. In fact it is an attempt to politically assisinate my character.

The next matter is even more dangerous

The next matter is in fact more serious and dangerous. I will now read out the recommendation number 25 on page 922. Please draw your attention to that page.

“As stated earlier in Chapter 24, we also recommend that, the Hon. Attorney General and other appropriate authorities consider whether some of the evidence given by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP before us is shown to have been incorrect and, if that is the case, whether Mr. Karunanayake should be prosecuted under Section 179 and/or Section 188 of the Penal Code or other relevant provision of the Law, read with Section 9 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act No. 17 of 1948”

 Does not say to file for legal action

Here the commission has merely says “the Attorney General and other appropriate authorities consider whether some of the evidence given by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP before us is shown to have been incorrect and, if that is the case, whether Mr. Karunanayake should be prosecuted”.

It does not ask for a case to be filed. This is a conspiracy that goes even beyond.

In the statement written for he President it says legal action should be taken against me for giving false evidence to the commission. However the report does not say I have given flase evidence. It recommends that the Attorney General and other authorities should consider if the evidence given by me appears to be false and if so then it should be decided if legal action should be taken against me.

In the end the only relevant issue related to me is the Rs. 11 Million borrowed by my daughter in order to make a rental payment for her company which was later repaid.

I will now resolve this issue before the house as well.

I now bring page 827 of Chapter 24 in the report to your attention.

Page 827 says Mr. Karunanayake did not produce any evidence to show that any reimbursements had taken place by my family to Walt and Row Associates (Pvt) Ltd. That is repayment of the money cannot be proved.

Receipts showed were not looked at

                                         However according to page 832 in my answer I have said “I got the                                                   receipt here that the reimbursement has taken place” as shown                                                       by the  report.

                                         While the presented the receipt on the day however no effort was                                                    taken to investigate further on it.

                                       While I am unable to say who this was not checked however it is unfair to level allegations against me after failing to look in to the receipt even after it was presented to the commission.

                                      I am not able to say what sort of Presidential Commission this is. But if this is how they operate I must say that I have been prejudiced against even after providing receipts for a a reimbursed payment done by my daughter.

 Conspiracy to arrest me

 Honorable speaker

A major mudslinging campaign is being carried out stating that I have false evidence before the commission while various news on websites say certain officers in the President’s office are adivincing that attempts should be made to arrest me.

If as claimed I provided false evidence then under Section 10 of the COMMISSION OF INQUIRIES ACT the commissioners could have acted against me immediately. If I infact lied then officers of the Attorney General’s department who questioned me had no reason to keep quiet regarding it. The commission could have punished and taken action against me.

I can recall that certain MP’s gave false evidence before the commission and later apologized for it. However how can it be understood as to why allegations against me are being allowed now after not taking any action in the past five months. Therefore I once again stress that this is nothing but a cheap political conspiracy. But for whose want is it being carried out is the question?

Where is Anika’s testimony?

I am sure you remember that the Attorney General’s department complained to the commission that a relation of mine made death threats to a lady who had levelled allegations against me. This is a complete falsehood. The individual is not a relation of mine. But the media gave prominence to this news. Believing these lies the public gave in to the misconceptions about me and my family. This made a serious negative impact on my political life.

But no mention of this major incident which was important to the Attorney General’s department as proved by the media circus following it has been included in the report. This is yet another side of this political conspiracy.

The statement made by the owner of the property which all the allegations against me was based on was given widespread media publicity. This greatly affected my good name and reputation.

Creating a major media hype this lady was given VIP protection of the government as a result. Similarly protection was also given to her brother. But no such protection has been given to me, a person who made great sacrifices for good governance and is now suffering as a result.

But what surprises me is that the statement taken from this lady after providing all this protection has not been included in the commission report.

I have a question to raise in this instance. Was all the media circus created and security provided to obtain a useless evidential testimony? Or was public money utilized to fund security for this person to obtain evidence to merely sling mud at me?

This is a complete contradiction. A distortion. A conspiracy. In fact it has misled the public and society. We must destroy this sleazy political culture.

In a country where good governance is in place how did such false and distorted information find its way to the President’s statement through the intervention of the first citizen’s office? We must look in to this?

Did it occur due to an error in translation? Or through negligence? No matter how it occured it is clear that this has caused great disgrace and dishonour to the President. Despite reluctance to admit it this is the bitter truth.

Purposeful distortion of facts

Accordingly my opinion is that those who studied the report on behalf of the President and those who prepared the special statement by the President has purposely and cleverly distorted these facts purposely.

I do not stress on this fact according to a whim or guesswork. I bring up this fact with good reason.

I would also like to mention that these mentioned facts are not related to the issued mandate for which the Presidential Commission was appointed. However I was called in by the commission for the related investigations and as beneficiaries of the Yahapalana and Consensus government We fully supported this endeavour.

I even resigned from the post so that investigations of the commission will not be affected and also in order to establish a new political culture in the country. However even after that media campaigns were launched by this conspiracy to sling mud against me and to mislead the public.

What are the falsehoods uttered by me?

However now I would like to know what these falsehoods that were allegedly uttered by me. It is my right to know this.

Honorable Speaker,

On the face of it there are serious contradictions between the commission report and the statement made by the President based on this. I have been made a politically targeted in some instances and it clearly appears to be schemic in character as well. Such commissions, through these actions, lose its credibility and dignity while also losing face before the general public.

How were past bond issues disregarded?

In fact first the bond issues between 2008 - 2015 should have been investigated. If so the current political situation would have become vastly different. But a political decision was made to first investigate the bond issue between 2015 - 2016.

We have done no wrong so we bravely faced the commission. But your focus should be brought to one particular fact. That is the fact that committees were also previously appointed to look in to this incident.

  1. Firstly the Prime Minister appointed the Pitipana commission
  2. Thereafter the COPE committee under D.E.W Gunasekara investigated the details regarding this.
  3. Again this was examined by the Supreme Court.
  4. Later it was also examined by the Bribery and Fraud Commission.
  5. Thereafter, an inquiry was also held by COPE COMMITTEE led by Sunil Handunneththi regarding the bond issue.

I was dragged in to this

Honourable speaker, ගරු කථානායකතුමනි,

The above mentioned committees and organizations in many ways investigated in to this incident. However none of them made no mention of me. This is because the subject matter of the investigation was not under the control of my Ministry. This is a clear fact.

But the Presidential Commission dragged my name in to the bond issue deal.

Not only did they do that they even dragged the members of my family in to this issue. The officers of the Attorney General’s department even asked private questions which are not usually not asked in such an inquiry. These actions of the officers of the Attorney General’s department in turn became a media circus against me.

However what are the final recommendations made by the commission relating to me? If I am correct is only says to take necessary action after evaluating the information given by me. But in the statement written for the President it says legal action by way of a case should be taken against me.

Honourable Speaker,

I would like to ask if me, my family and the United National Party were presented as sinners and stoned to this end?

Was I painted as a sinner, made to bear a cross and taken to the Calvary mountain by a media circus to finally be told this?

Kekille Judgement

But Honorable Speaker,

But what is happening now? Not only I, who had no connection to this incident was tied to it through this special statement I have once against been connected to this issue despite the confirmation that there was no wrong doing on my part.

In short I can only say that I have been delivered King Kekille’s type of a verdict as a result.

Honorable Speaker,

However one thing is clear. It shows that those who planned this conspiracy were not able to enter their wants and purposes to this report. In fact the plans and hopes of those attempting to attack the consensus good governance government are now in crisis due

While this is the case however the mudslinging continues due to these cheap political tactics.

The target of the conspiracy is not Ravi!

Once again I say, this conspiracy is not one aimed at Ravi Karunanayake.

There is more to this, this is why they took a huge risk by distorting the President’s statement to publicize their agenda. If not how did they have the courage to risk the reputation of the President.

This shows someones dire need to politically assassinate my character. It continues to happen today.

Meanwhile the parties have also mislead the public by spreading fallacies regarding the issue. These are all done for political gain and sling mud at me as proved before the commission.

The good governance government was formed against the mass scale corruption and frauds in the recent past. However no formal action has been taken following investigations in to these. Therefore in this situation I thoroughly condemn the selected attacks on those connected to the UNP being.

What is this anger against the UNP? This is where the conspiracy is. This is their intention. And they continue to struggle to achieve this.

I ask of you today, What can be said about Ravi Karunanayake today? The commission recommendations are crystal clear.

However how many investigations as promised prior to January 8, 2015 are yet to commence and continue to be unclear.

  •  The loss due to Sri Lanka due to the Hejin deal Rs. Million 96000
  • Srilankan Airlines loss amounting to Rs. Million 146000
  • Mihin Lanka loss amounting to Rs. Million 12300
  • Greek Bond loss Rs. Million 3900
  • Cost to construct Mattala Airport Rs. Million 46000
  • Cost to construct the Nelum Kuluna Rs. Million 7600
  • Cost to construct the Defence Headquarters Rs. Million 64000
  • Cost to construct the Hambantota Port Rs. Million 130000
  • The MIG deal Rs. Million 85000
  • Pyramid transaction loss Rs. Million 11800

Commission reports gathering dust

Also it must be noted that there are 34 interim reports of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Serious Fraud Fraud. If not for political reasons then why are no steps being taken in this regard?

Honorable Speaker,

In the past Presidential election and the General election we made a promise to the people. We assured that we will investigate and punished those involved in corruption during the past government. We promised that we will not be corrupt if we come to power. We said we would bring in new and more stringent laws to stop corruption and fraud.

Our government has largely commenced in to looking in to corruption and frauds of the previous government while also appointing presidential commission to look in to alleged frauds taken place during the rule of our current government. If our government in fact wanted to steal then we would not have handed over the COPE committee presidency to the opposition. We are currently working towards formulating laws to stop any future corruption and frauds.

Honourable Speaker,

The politicians of this country has the bad habit of going after the President or the party leader when they are accused of any wrongdoing in a bid to save themselves. This happened during the Rajapaksa era as well.

 Today how many politicians continue to hide behind his excellency the President and without having cases being filed despite charges of corruption levelled against them. How many in the SLFP have been left without any legal action being taken against them? How many in the Joint How many cases have disappeared due to the so called lack of evidence?

 Therefore I have one message to those who are not doing what they promised but are attempting to better themselves by latching on to us. Ravi Karunananayke does not hide and attempt to save him self. I do not work according to that theory. We do not challenge the country’s courts and social justice through such cheap political moves. We will not do for in the future also as only those who have committed a wrong should hide.

 Just look at most those who appear to take the moral high ground but are in fact compulsive liars and the speeches made by them prior to January 8, 2015 while on Rajapaksa’s campaign stage. Look at the statements being made by these same individuals today. These seemingly genuine characters are full of words but do not act accordingly.

How Chinchimanawikawa came with a tied bundle of wood

Honorable Speaker,

It is however not unsurprising that these should happen to a ordinary mortal such as myself. This is happened to the Lord Buddha as well. In the past a woman of ill repute such as the Chinchimanawikawas was sent with a tied bundle of wood before the Lord Buddha. But however God Sakra let the bundle loose to prove the Buddha’s innocence.

The story of the Bond Commission is therefore one of beauty. They are saying to check if this bundle of wood let loose, right before one's eyes is in fact a baby. And says if the bundle of wood is a baby then to hand it over to the father. Given the opportunity there are today's Chinchimanawika’s who are trying to continue their game in attempting to topple this government.

Sinners who threw stones at Sirikotha

Is this a joke? Many individuals and parties tried to destroy the UNP at various junctures. Attempts to destroy the party with guns, bombs and conspiracies were not successful. It will not be successful today or even tomorrow. We will not allow for this. Our supporters know we will not allow the sinners who divided the party while hurling stones at Sirikotha to destroy this party. If attempts are being made by these pawns to destroy this strong party the UNP knows how to respond to this. It appears that certain pawns have forgotten how the party strongly responded to those who attempted the same during the Rajapaksa era.

Honorable Speaker,

As politicians we should be prepared to face any condemnations and allegations thrown at us. We should be strong enough for this. But however malicious statements bringing pain to children, wives and family members who are not connected to politics are not acceptable by the civil society.

These mudslinging campaigns greatly shocked and upset my daughters. Who will pay for all the pain and tears of these children? However I must thank my wife and children for giving me the strength to stand tall even while suffering due to these insults.

I must also extend my gratitude to the leader of our party for his endless support, and to our supporters and colleagues in the parliament. I would also like to thank my well wishers who loves and wishes to protect this good governance government while also thanking them for the hundreds of calls to encourage me.

I would also like to thank those on social media and websites who eventually understood the truth regarding this.

Thank you : Let us see on the 10th!

Therefore Honorable Speaker,

With great respect I urge to you bring your kind attention to the fact raised by me and to protect by privileges accordingly.

The UNP has also been greatly affected due to this conspiracy being carried out during the election season by targeting me and the United National Party in general.

On February 10 I am sure that our supporters and well wishers along with the activists who worked to bring about a political change on January 8, 2015 will give these conspirators the correct response. The victory of the United National Party is assured.

Finally I would like to end this statement by thanking his excellency the President who appointed the Presidential commission to look in to the bond issue after the forming of the good governance government and for through its final report for absolving and releasing the UNP, the Prime Minister and especially myself from all allegations levelled against us.


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Bond Commission statements contradicting! - Ravi to be cleared?

A prominent social researcher Vijitha Nanayakkara says the bond commission report is political in nature while the statements made by the President in this regard is contradictory.

Nanayakkara made these comments when questioned by ISIS news.

He says while the report claims it had no time to investigate in to bond issues prior to 2015 however he points out that the President’s claim that the 2015 bond issue incurred a larger loss than bond issues between 2008 - 2015 is therefore questionable.

The commission was granted permission to investigate in to bond issues between February 1 - March 31, 2015.

The President said the commission had not enquired in to bond issues between 2008 - 2015 however claimed that funds of the EPF were misused the most during that time frame.

 Mahendra in the wrong but the PM absolved?

22a978a41b1a53abb37685d29cc21d84 XLCaught between Bond auctions....

 Former governor of the Central Bank Arjuna Mahendran has got involved in the bond auction in a undua manner and is guilty of providing insider information to outside parties the President said in his statement.

However giving evidence at the commision Mahendran had stated he worked according to the bidding of the Prime Minister.

Therefore commenting further Nanayakkara questioned as to how the report made Mahendran a wrongdoer and absolved the PM who is said to have advised him according to Mahendran.

raviRavi absolved and released?

He also claims that naming Former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake who is not directly responsible for the Central Bank and others who are accused as another accused is also confusing.

Therefore he says the report has absolved and released Karunanayake from any involvement.

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