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Who is the real thief? : This questionnaire is over to the Sampath Bank! 

Recently reports have been rife on social media regarding a monetary fraud committed within the Sampath Bank. However, on the investigation, it has been revealed that the accusations are part of a scheme to get out of paying a loan amounting to a massive Rs. 100 million. 

A top official in the bank who had intervened to provide a loan of Rs. 100 million to a personal acquaintance without adhering to the due procedure is said to have laid the blame on several junior officers in a bid to absolve himself. According to sources the person who has made the complaint claiming a financial fraud has taken place is the person who has received this loan named Kelum Harsha Kamak Weerasinghe.  
They have also taken steps to spread the story on social media thereby tarnishing the good name of the bank. The CID has commenced investigations into the matter while the legal proceedings have also begun. 

However, the case appears to be gaining only a one-sided reportage. Therefore we wish to question certain doubtful facts we encountered during our own investigation into the incident. 

From when has the person identified as Kelum Harsha Kamal Weerasinghe begun to have business dealings with the bank? 

Was it not in 2015? 

When he first opened a bank account in March 2015, did Weerasinghe personally know the Manager of the branch?

 Was he not introduced to the bank by one of its top officers? 

How much did Weerasinghe deposit in his account on the first day? 

On the same day how much was the Bank Overdraft obtained by him?

Is it normal for a person to obtain a bank overdraft of Rs. 20 million on the same day he opens an account with a mere Rs. 10 000 deposit? 

How was such a significant amount of money released and on whose intervention? Can the officers named as thieves in media reports as those who took part in the fraud have the authority to do so? 

Then who intervened to provide Weerasinghe the OD deviating from the bank’s common practices? 

Has this individual intervened in a similar fashion before?
And according to the complainant if the fraud took place on February 6, 2017 then why did he wait till 2018 October to file a complaint? 

Since the bank informs via sms and statements of his account status how did Kelum Weerasinghe not notice anything untoward before? 

How much of his loan has Weerasinghe paid back to the bank? 

The reason to bring up these questions to draw the focus of investigators and those interested in the case to this doubtful situation.

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